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PT CLS System is the total integrated loyalty consulting provides strategic consultation to clients on how best to design, structure, implement and manage a loyalty program in the long run.

Today CLS supports and manages loyalty program that cater to the Business to Business and Business to Consumer needs for many multinational companies of diverse industries ranging from banking,retailing, manufacturing, petroleum and etc. Our clients includes corporations such as BNI Bank, UOB Bank, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ Bank, Panin Bank, OCBC Bank, Bukopin Bank, MNC Bank, ICBC Bank, Semen Indonesia, Semen Merah Putih, Semen Mortar, Mondelez, MCI Group ( Singapore ) and many more.

With today’s competitive environment, knowing who your customers are and understanding what they need is a challenging task. The fundamentals ?
- Customers are individuals that behave differently
- Rewards influence individuals behaviour
- Companies who effectively utilize customer information to create more values to their
customers needs will be able to retain the loyalty

The key is how organizations can use information about their customers to add value in building customer relationship in the long run. In addition, still able to manage the multiple touch points of loyalty management from technology infrastructure, information, communication, promotions & privileges, rewards & fullfillment and customer service.

Today Technology has enabled us to bridge the gap between “Information about Customer” and “Marketing to Customers” in achieving a loyalty program which is completely customer centric. It also enables integration of multiple touch points along with proven know-how to produce cohesive results to organizations.

By outsourcing the entire loyalty management or partial outsource, organization can take advantage on our existing technology and operation infrastructure without making heavy investment. Organization can also focus on their core business competency while leaving the management of Loyalty to CLS.

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